Know Your Customer check required. This check takes just a few minutes and keeps your brand safe from fraudsters.

var url = ""; var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();"GET", url); xhr.onreadystatechange = function () { if (xhr.readyState === 4) { console.log(xhr.status); console.log(xhr.responseText); }}; xhr.send(); /** * @param accessToken - access token that you generated on the backend in Step 2 * @param applicantEmail - applicant email (not required) * @param applicantPhone - applicant phone, if available (not required) * @param customI18nMessages - customized locale messages for current session (not required) */ function launchWebSdk(accessToken, applicantEmail, applicantPhone, customI18nMessages) { let snsWebSdkInstance = snsWebSdk.init( accessToken, // token update callback, must return Promise // Access token expired // get a new one and pass it to the callback to re-initiate the WebSDK () => this.getNewAccessToken() ) .withConf({ lang: 'en', //language of WebSDK texts and comments (ISO 639-1 format) email: applicantEmail, phone: applicantPhone, i18n: customI18nMessages, //JSON of custom SDK Translations uiConf: { customCss: "" // URL to css file in case you need change it dynamically from the code // the similar setting at Customizations tab will rewrite customCss // you may also use to pass string with plain styles `customCssStr:` }, }) .withOptions({ addViewportTag: false, adaptIframeHeight: true}) // see below what kind of messages WebSDK generates .on('idCheck.stepCompleted', (payload) => { console.log('stepCompleted', payload) }) .on('idCheck.onError', (error) => { console.log('onError', error) }) .build(); // you are ready to go: // just launch the WebSDK by providing the container element for it snsWebSdkInstance.launch('#sumsub-websdk-container') } function getNewAccessToken() { return Promise.resolve(newAccessToken)// get a new token from your backend }
Identity verification
Lolly Global Ltd uses Sumsub operated by Sum and Substance Ltd, a leading third-party system and service, to undertake Know Your Customer (“KYC”), Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”), Politically Exposed Person (“PEP”), and fraud checks on all Users requesting Admin status.
One-time verification
You need to go through KYC verification one time only.

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