Add more of your brands now. We will set them up while you review your documents.

What is a brand?
Use Lolly to identify and target your customers.You know your relationship with your customers best: set up brands for each customer base you have, and if the points-of-sale also differ, then set up separate brands, too.
Separating your audiences
The 40+ LEGO brands are a good example. Clearly the audience for LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Duplo are entirely different. This is why LEGO has over 30 brands listed on lolly!
Differentiating your product lines
Drinks are another great example of products available at different points-of-sale and aiming at different target audiences. A good example is Coca-Cola. Think of their products such as Coke Lime which is available of less points-of-sale and are not interchangeable with other Coke brands.

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