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Loll Advance Rewards

Lolly Advance Rewards are issued to users for adding brands, adding tags, adding businesses, and inviting friends to lolly!.

Lolly Advance Rewards are paid out in any of the Lolly Advance tokens issued

Accounts automatically are given a Lolly Advance Wallet as Lolly Advance Rewards are earned.

Lolly Advance Rewards are redeemable within Lolly only. The Rewards are issued and denominated at the redeemable value of the Lolly Advance tokens. The redeemable value may differ from the current market price for the Lolly Advance tokens.

Lolly Advance Rewards cannot be transferred between users outside of the context of the normal usage of Lolly, and have no value outside of Lolly. The Rewards cannot be redeemed for cash or any other form of payment. Lolly Advance Rewards are only redeemable for lolly! services and NFT Property.

“We reward everyone on lolly! for collecting local info. As a user, you make this possible. When you add brands and local businesses, other users like you benefit.”

Adrian Niculescu Vice President Lolly Advance

Invite your friends

$5.00 each
Lolly Advance Rewards

Add new brands

$1.00 each
Lolly Advance Rewards

Add new points-of-sale

$0.50 each
Lolly Advance Rewards

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We enable customers to discover brands
We create a direct relationship between customer and brand
We direct customers from any brand touchpoint to points-of-sale and campaigns
We bring an end to the marketing slogan ‘Available at all good retailers’

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