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Non-executive Chairman

Having lived in Mexico, Canada, China, Spain, France, Chile, and the United States, Arturo is not only worldly – he’s also seriously experienced. Speaking fluent Spanish, English and French, Arturo is a multicultural and Hispanic marketing guru. Looking for a solution to content management he came into contact with and subsequently became advisor to and participated in his first ICO. He has been part of two more and is currently advisor to Mobs.Video and a legal solution that is stealth mode. Arturo sits on several tech and blockchain company boards in the US, Canada, South America, and the UK.

Prior to his role as managing partner at venture capital firm IRA Ventures, Arturo served as Chief Innovation Officer for Digital First Media. Before that, he was Chief Executive Officer of impreMedia Digital, the largest Hispanic news-and-information company in the US. He was previously the President of Interactive and Business Integration for Canwest Mediaworks and was responsible for their record-breaking online revenue growth and converting the company into the largest Canadian news and information network. Arturo served in three executive Vice President roles at America Online in Mexico and Canada between 2000 and 2004, focusing on strategy and acquisitions.

Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder

Richard’s career as founder, director and investor in e-commerce, social media, blockchain, gaming, software development and video games publishing spans 29 years.

He has designed, produced and launched over 400 products worldwide, including three number 1 games in the UK charts, including Tactical Manager and Football Glory.

Richard has substantial experience in retail distribution and marketing. He has worked on product launches and marketing with brands as diverse as Nestlé, Kellogg’s, Yokohama, and the RSPCA, creating promotional games, social media and mobile apps, and social commerce marketplaces.

Richard completed a London AIM stock exchange flotation with IncaGold PLC in 2005, was a founder in Silicon Valley VC-backed venture Stiki Digital Inc, and has acted as e-commerce consultant to the Isle of Man Government, as non-executive director on boards of media and gaming businesses.

Richard is a board adviser for Meta Studio Land AG in Switzerland, a regulated NFT business metaverse for content creators, and Cloudcoin Finance, a decentralised finance project. 

Vice President Legal and Regulatory Affairs

Brilliant legal capacity and a visionary tech facilitator.

Herb is one of the pioneers in the sales of PC software and sales of goods and services via the Internet and closed networks. An intellectual property and securities attorney since 1983, Herb transitioned to an entrepreneurial career in computer software and on line marketing while still actively practicing.

He teaches computer, internet, copyright, publishing, securities and defamation law in accredited Continuing Legal Education Courses attended by thousands of attorneys each year. Starting as a computer software developer in the 1980s, he was the first PC productivity publisher to use the Internet for customer support.

He later transitioned into head of publishing for one of the world’s largest productivity budget developers, publishers and distributors in the 1990s and early 2000s. In the late 1990s he published software developed by Richard Holmes’ firms. Since 2003 he has been a consultant for Lenovo, Samsung, AMD and now is head of business development and regulatory affairs (general counsel) for the developers of Intel Device Advisor.

Herb is experienced in retail marketing, having designed and is presently designing campaigns for software, services, retail products and Lenovo/Sony/Samsung/AMD and Intel Device Advisor with major online and brick and mortar retailers including Wal*Mart, Target, Amazon, New Egg, Best Buy, American Express, Tesco, Harvey Norman, ASDA, ALDI and major warranty groups.

Herb combines worldwide legal and regulatory expertise with actual business development and marketing strategy experience.

Business Advisory Director, Lolly India

Deepak, leads the building of our team on multiple arenas having 24 years experience in IT business services, infrastructure and consulting. Deepak holds a Business Management Masters. He is well known in the IT Society of Bahrain represents some the top companies in the Middle East.

His has consulted in ERP, IT infrastructure, e-commerce, mobile, project acquisition, and AI in India, Singapore, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Malaysia, and China.

Deepak has consulted for large organisations such as Saudi Aramco, and on public sector and government projects in Bahrain and India, as well as establishing and growing tech industry startups.


Hans-Jürgen joined our team to implement our blockchain backbone for interaction tracking, Lolly Advance tokens and accounting integrations.

Hans-Jürgen is an experienced Co-Founder with an impressive history of working in the financial services and blockchain industries. He is skilled in Blockchain development, Python, Node.js, and the creation and use of cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Hans-Jürgen is a strong business development professional. He studied at the University of Tartu in Estonia.

Systems and Data Director

Prince leads the team responsible for the expansion of the Lolly backend system, dealing with large datasets. As part of his data role, he is responsible for data integration, aggregation and visualisation, as well as third-party systems integration. 

Prince is based in New York City and is a French and American dual national who grew up in French Guiana and graduated from Cornell University with a double degree in Mathematics and Economics. He also has a Masters in Computer Sciences from the American College of Commerce and Technology.

He has always been passionate about technology and trading, having worked in FX trading at SMB Capital and at tech companies including Amazon.

Prince's hobbies include soccer, basketball and reading spirituality books. His unforgettable highlight watching soccer was in 2006 when he saw a young dazzling Lionel Messi play with FC Barcelona from a front-row seat!

Application and Connectivity Director

He has successfully completed 10+ projects by designing and managing resources to create and deliver scalable applications.

Suryansh has studied Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science Engineering at IMS Engineering College programming since 2015. He develops in many programming languages, including nodejs, Angular, reactjs, Firebase, MongoDB, and Expressjs.

Within Lolly, Suryansh manages our core development team working on the architecture and connectivity of Lolly, including frontend architecture, database architecture, frontend and backend connectivity, managing server and scalability.

VP Business Development, Director Lolly Pakistan

Ali runs our business development operations in Pakistan, one of the launch markets for Lolly. He has operated in IT business development industry for many years, combining this with his graphic design skills.

Ali has extensive experience in multimedia, marketing and print design. In business development, Ali focuses on building and maintaining “win-win” partnerships with customers, agencies, partners and brands. He is a passionate and inventive creator of innovative marketing strategies and campaigns.

VP Lolly Advance

Adrian has been in the tech industry for over 20 years, focusing on the blockchain industry since 2016. He has acted as CMO and CEO for various tech companies through out, including in social media, video games and distribution.

He has also acted a mentor and board adviser in the blockchain and decentralised finance space.

Adrian's areas of expertise centre around blockchain, including development, solidity, decentralised finance, non-fungible tokens (NFT), decentralised autonomous organisations (DAO)- Dao, and RAIDA.

Adrian is a sought after speaker at business events globally, including in Dubai, Romania, Malta, USA and the UK.

Project Operations and Localisation Manager

Linguist to the bone with a keen eye for excellence.

Charlotte studied linguistics and English literature at Halmstad University in Sweden and has a keen interest in the interaction and communication between native and non-native speakers in an English speaking work environment.

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