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How Lolly Advance works

Introducing Lolly Advance

Lolly Advance tokens are introductory price tokens issued by Lolly Global Ltd. Token buyers can use tokens to pay a discounted price for services or hold and sell tokens later when the price of tokens or of Services has increased.

Lolly offers marketing services to brands, suppliers, and manufacturers as well as businesses, shops, and e-commerce stores. Lolly’s marketing services are paid for after delivery of the service, and on a per interaction (delivered service) basis.

To introduce new Lolly services to new markets, Lolly sells Lolly Advance tokens. Each token is redeemable at the full-price value for the service and has no expiry date.

Introductory pricing starts at a 90% discount in the first round. Each round has a fixed number of tokens available at the price set. Once the token round is fully sold, the next round is launched with a decreased discount. Discounts decrease from round to round  in 10% increments until the pricing for the service tokens reaches 100%, the full list price.

The full-price value starts at $0.10 (ten United States cents) per interaction. The pricing for interaction is subject to interaction pricing review on a quarterly basis.

The introductory pricing rewards early token holders and encourage early uptake of new services and new markets. Lolly Advance tokens raises funding for Lolly to promote its service in the market, increasing the demand for tokens from brands and businesses.

Pioneering token buyers lock in the low introductory price at the time. Pioneering brands can take advantage of the first mover advantage – making the most of Lolly’s services – at a big discount compared to their less innovative competitors.

Lolly Advance are sold to token buyers looking to benefit from introductory pricing and through the Lolly Advance System. All transactions on Lolly use the Lolly Payment system and Lolly Advance tokens. When a brand or business looks to pay an invoice for services delivered, the Lolly Payment System automatically buys any available Lolly Advance tokens for the services from any sellers on a pro rata basis.

This allows pioneering token buyers to sell tokens they don’t require themselves at the current price point through the Lolly Payment System, benefitting from having discovered the introductory pricing prior to the ultimate user of the tokens.

Lolly Advance allows Lolly to raise funding through pre-selling services, introducing new services, introducing Lolly to new markets, and allocating financial resources for rolling out new services and marketing campaigns across many markets.


Buying Lolly Advance tokens

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Selling Lolly Advance tokens

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Lolly payment system

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