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How lolly! works for our partners

We are setting up partnerships with media and advertising agencies, retail chains, trade associations, export agencies, traffic partners, sales agents, and billing operators.

Secure savings for your clients, suppliers and members. Gain more marketing activity… and earn a share of the revenues.

Contact us with your ideas and to hear ours.

“With our revenue sharing payments blockchain-secured, partnering with us a profitable and low admin venture. ”

Arturo Duran Chairman

Let's explore how you and lolly! fit together

... and unlock more success, data and revenues for your company

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+44 7399 323 520

Please call us for advice on how lolly! can help your brand.

+44 7399 323 520

Please call us to discuss partnering with lolly!, investing in lolly!, Lolly Funding, or any media enquiries.

+44 7399 323 520

Please call us if you want to join our team, join us as a sales agent, or help set up lolly! in your market.

+44 7399 323 520

Please call us if you are interested in purchasing Lolly Advance tokens or Lolly NFT Property.

+44 7399 323 520

Please feel free to contact our support team.

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