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Our market approach is to focus on creating a rewarding and effective relationship between customers and their favourite brands, at all points-of-sale and search and marketing touchpoints.

Local product and service discovery

$44 billion

Juniper Research

Co-op and market development funds

 $70 billion


Consumer and market data intelligence

 $49 billion



Investor relations

Lolly originally raised investment from friends, family and angel investors, before re-domiciling the company to London. 

We have started using Paperstreet to keep our investors up-to-date and will be launching regular video calls in the near future.


Convertible loan notes

Lolly has completed its seed investment round in the form of  convertible loan notes.

Lolly is preparing a further convertible loan note investment round on an invitation-only basis.


Lolly Advance tokens

Our Lolly Advance tokens help us provide our payment-in-arrears services to brands whilst being able to raise funds in advance, sharing the introductory savings given to brands with those who purchase Lolly Advance early.

Our Lolly NFT Property tokens will do the same for those who purchase, build and help maintain location, audience or interest properties. We are enabling users to own landing pages on lolly! and benefit from the revenues generated by the pages. Lolly NFT Properties will launch soon and be available via to the Lolly Advance site.

Join our whitelist to ensure you are front of the line when Lolly Advance tokens are launched.


Future investment rounds

If you wish to be informed about and participate in future investment rounds please contact us directly or via our Paperstreet profile.


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We use Paperstreet to keep our existing and interested investors informed about the company. 

Request access on Paperstreet. Investors with a verified lolly! user account will be granted access within 48 hours and receive regular updated on our company and services.



Follow Lolly on LinkedIn for general updates about our company, services, partnerships, and expansion into new markets.

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