Last mile marketing that achieves results

Engage your potential customers exactly when they are "in the market" for the types of product and services you offer. Stop your competitors winning the customer!

Your points-of-sale

  • Points-of-sale add your brand
  • Customers add your brand
  • Add/remove points-of-sale
  • Add your full point-of-sale network
  • Point-of-sale marketing support
  • In-store search and campaigns
  • Huge savings on list price with Lolly Advance

“The best place to market is in-store, whether online or offline. Bring them to the store, then market your brand values and promotions.”

Richard M Holmes CEO and Co-founder

“Get your customers into your point-of-sale, market your presence in-store, and you increase your sales - and don't lose sales to competitor brands."

Jens Peter Thomsen Director and Co-founder

Brand features

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