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lolly! solves key questions for brands

How do we attract our customers in search and on mobile in or near our points-of-sale?

How do we build a lasting two-way relationship with our customers?

How do we gain insight into our customers? Why, where and when we can engage them?

How Lolly works

We enable customers to discover brands
We create a direct relationship between customer and brand
We direct customers from any brand touchpoint to points-of-sale and campaigns
We bring an end to the marketing slogan ‘Available at all good retailers’

lolly! benefits all parties


Discover brands
Enjoy benefits from brands



Engage new customers around the world
Gain market and customer data insights



Win new customers 
Enjoy free marketing


“lolly! reinvents how relationships between customers and brands work. Mobile. Personal. Location-based.”

Richard M Holmes CEO and Co-founder

Find your brands on lolly! now

... and start managing your brands now, following KYC/AML authorisation

Introducing Lolly Advance

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