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Our roadmap

Lolly signs with IPG Mediabrands and Marvelous

Lolly has signed a global partnership with IPG Mediabrands, its Danish subsidiary, and Marvelous, its digital agency based in Copenhagen.


Visit IPG Mediabrands >> 2021

Lolly begins development of Lolly Advance introductory pricing discount tokens

Lolly Advance development is being spearheaded by Lolly's Estonia-based VP Blockchain, Hans-Jürgen Pokmann.


View Lolly's team >> November 2021

Lolly launches corporate and brand client website

Lolly launches its new corporate website for brands and partners.

Visit >> May 2022

Lolly appoints Deepak Nandyala to establish Lolly in India

Deepak Nandyala joins Lolly's team, heading up the brand adviser support and sales operations in India.

View Lolly's team >> May 2022

First Lolly keynote presentation

Richard M Holmes, CEO and Co-founder, and Adrian Niculescu, VP Lolly Advance, are attending Bitcoin Bucharest 2022 in Bucharest, Romania.

Richard M Holmes will hold a keynote presentation on the upcoming launch of Lolly Advance.

Visit Bitcoin Bucharest 2022 >> May 2022

Lolly announces first Lolly Advance for brands in the UK market

Lolly announces the planned launch of Lolly Advance introductory pricing tokens for brands in the UK market.

The cryptographically secured Lolly Advance tokens are redeemable for brand customer relationship and point-of-sale network listing at $0.10/interaction. In total 100 million Lolly Advance tokens are available starting at 90% discount in the first of nine rounds.

The first round is strictly limited to 10 million interactions at $0.01/interaction.

The price increases at the end of each round. Lolly Advance tokens are used by brands to pay for delivered interactions, and can be sold directly through the Lolly. 

View in Lolly Advance store >> July 2022

Lolly launches for Lolly Advance tokens

Lolly launches its new website for Lolly Advance tokens.

Visit >> September 2022

Lolly launches its first Lolly Advance tokens for brands in the UK

Lolly launches the first six Lolly Advance tokens redeemable for brand services in the UK.

View in Lolly Advance store >> January 2023

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